Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life x Living

Did you miss me? No..Oh. lol. I have like totally neglected my blog..shame on me. Since writing is something that I love to do, you'd think I'd dedicate more time to it. Anway, I'm back at it.

I felt like blogging today, mainly just to talk to myself and maybe give myself some encouragement. As I type, I hope that my words serve as some type of comfort to myself. I've been having really good days lately, which I'm very thankful for. But these past two days, I just haven't been able to shake this sucky mood I've been having. One would think that after a week off, which included a few days at the beach that I'd be refreshed and renewed right? Yeah..I know. I've tried sleeping it off & staying to myself after work, but it isn't working. Maybe I'm just having a "moment"..or maybe it's something bigger than that. I've considered going back to journaling and writing with the hope that either of the two may help.

Sometimes I wonder if my "happiness" that I give off is just a cover-up for how I truly feel about my life. I'd like to believe that I'm genuinely happy, but I honestly don't know if I am. I feel like there is a void in my life. Not just because of my son, but something else that I can't quite figure out. Yes, I've been through a lot...but I still think I deserve love and to be happy and things of that nature. I tell myself that when it's "my" time, the things that I know I am deserving of will come to me. I'm sure there are some people who probably wonder why I don't self medicate myself or drink myself into oblivion due to my past. My answer is simple, what would any of that change? Nothing. My past would still be just that. My past. I can't change what has happened thus far. Although I wish I could. Now, do I think of doing those things sometimes? Of course I do. I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But I know that in the end, those are just outlets for me to run to, but they won't solve anything. Eventually when I came down off my high (if I lived through it) I'd feel shittier than I did before.

So far I've learned that life is all about experiences and timing. The experiences are what molds us into being the individuals that we are. Timing doesn't always work in our favor...The other day I was thinking of the phrase, "Two ships passing in the night". I interpret that phrase to mean something like two things that always just miss each other, or are so close but never able to reach each other. This is kinda how I feel about my life lately. I know what I want, and what I'm ready for...but it still doesn't feel with in reach. *sigh*

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ok..I know you may be wondering..what does SSK mean? It stands for Single Strand Knots. My fellow curlies in the Natural Hair community know JUST what I am talking about. They are these annoying, tiny knots that form at the ends of our curls. I have really been in denial lately about my SSK's. I have been putting off cutting them. Today, I got fed up and started snipping! If I wasn't at work, I would have kept going. LOL. I'm going to finish the job tonight.

Ladies, trimming those knots is a MUST. The longer you put off trimming them, the worst they can get. If you wait too long, you will find yourself needing a "cut" instead of a "trim". I think I caught mine just in time.

How do you handle your SSK? Do you trim them right away? Do you carry hair shears in your purse (like me)? LOL. Share your thoughts!

xoxo, adria

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

Today has really brought joy to my heart. There has been a lot of sadness in my heart lately, but today reminded me that after a storm...the sun does shine. My cousin gave birth to her second son this afternoon! He's another little bundle to add to the list of infants in my life. His birth could not have come at a more perfect time. A new life is like a breath of fresh air. Our family really needed some great news, and today we got it. And we even received smiles to go with it! Today has been a day of no worries for me. I have smiled so much!

Happy Birthday Baby Jase & Welcome! You truly are God's gift and there are so many people who love you already. I can't wait to see your sweet face!!