Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sisterly Love

Photo Credit: Google Images

I've been a fan of Tia & Tamera wayyyy back when they had their show, Sister Sister. I used to want my hair curly like them (but never could get it because I wore relaxers then), super long and straight, and I even wanted a twin! They were soooooo cool to me. Seeing them all grown up now makes me beam lol. I know, I'm corny..judge me! Anyway, their new show on Style is a favorite of mine. I don't really follow "reality" t.v. these days because most of what you see is NOT reality. The majority of it is pure garbage and stuff I can't even watch around my own 8 yr old sister. However, Tia and Tamera's show is definitely one to be seen. Back in the day, I could never tell them apart. They were identical or so I thought. I can really tell them apart now, not just because one was pregnant either. Their personalities are like night and day. Here's a little background info on them: Tia plays Melanie on the hit show The Game (on BET) <--can't wait for that show to return soon! She and her hubby Cory are new parents a baby boy named Cree and Tamera is getting back into acting and is newly married to Fox News Correspondent, Adam Housley. Got it? Good.
I admire their sisterly love and the fact that they seems to be truly genuine gals. They are very big on family and so am I. Their family is "deeply religious" too which you don't hear about too often these days. It's cool to finally see a good show that's worth watching weekly. They just aired their season finale last night *weeps* so I'm a little sad about that..lol. Anywho, if you're looking for a good show this is definitely one to watch. You can catch re-runs of their first season on Style.



  1. I need to check it out...I always miss it and they don't show it online. That's when I catch up on all my shows that I miss LOL