Monday, November 14, 2011

Holidays..Relationships..and that L word

Re·la·tion·ship noun A connection, association, or involvement. An emotional or other connection between people. A sexual involvement; affair. -Courtesy of

Have you ever had someone tell you that you need to be dating? Or how about telling you that you need to be in relationship? I have had all of this and even someone ask me why am I still single. Just recently someone mentioned to me that it is the holidays, I need to date. I literally laughed out loud at that. Who knew that the holidays meant you had to be in a relationship/dating? ::shrugs::


"Our lives consist of seasons. A lot of us get impatient when the good seasons aren't happening fast enough in our lives. While it's impossible for every part of our lives to be perfect at all times, it can still be positive. Our attitudes are a direct reflection of the type of lives we live. Be positive and encouraged and remember that....Good things always come to those who wait."

The above paragraph is a post that I made earlier today on Facebook. I wanted to get more in depth about it on here. I titled this blog "Seasons" to mean change. Kind of like how the seasons change through out the year. That is how our lives are. One week you could be having a great week and the next week it feels like everything is just going wrong. Sometimes we can't control the mood of the our lives, but we can control our attitudes as well as our level of patience. It took me a while to learn that things don't happen over night nor do they happen right when you want them to. We have to learn to be patient and make the best out of any situation whether it's good or not so good. There's a lesson to be learned from each day that we are alive. My hope for you, if you're reading this is that you've learned a lesson today. One that you can take an apply to tomorrow.

Enjoy the seasons that come in your life. If you're currently experiencing a sad one, just know that your tears won't last always and your days won't always be dark. If it's anything you can do to bring light to your darkness, do it. If it's out of your control, accept that and keep pressing forward. Good things for you are right around the corner. I hope you believe AND receive this.

xoxo, adria