Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I guess this is where I introduce myself...tell what my "blog" will be about and things of that nature. The truth is, I'm not sure what exactly my blog will be about. What I do know is, this will be a place I can share my thoughts & and interests as well as a peak into my life.
I've never really been one who opens up to the "world" and shares my life with everyone. I've always tried to choose carefully who I allow to share in it. You might be wondering why I named my blog "strengthfromlove". Well, it means just that...strength comes from love. I've learned that it's when you're faced with the hardest adversities that you're still able to find strength in love. It can be the love from your family, friends or even the love you have for yourself.
This past summer I experienced the most unthinkable 1 year old son named Aiden unexpectedly passed away. Everyone that knows me, knows how deeply connected we were/are. He was my world and the air that I breathed. My life as I knew it would never be the same. For months I've felt like I was dying and living a terrible nightmare. It seems that everyone now knows my "story" and relates to me as Adria, who lost her son. I thought I'd never be able to make it through this and continue to live my life without my him. Aiden taught me the true meaning of love and what it means to embrace every moment of everyday. We as people can get caught up in our everyday lives and forget to cherish the small things.

For years I've asked myself, "what is my purpose in life?" because I literally had no idea. Becoming a mother changed my entire outlook on life. Since experiencing my tragedy I've realized that my purpose is to help children. I want to help them see that someone cares about their future and that person is me. Becoming a guidance counselor has really been crossing my mind a lot lately. It's only been 4 short months since Aiden has been gone, but in those months I've learned a lot about myself. I hope this entry helps someone who may have experienced a loss like mine. You may not feel like you will ever make it through this or have the strength to keep living. I have found my strength through the love I have for Aiden and the love that he had for me. It's often said that "Time heals all wounds" and I feel that is partly true. As a mother, time can never heal the loss of your child, but it can help you cope with it.
Thanks for taking the time to read my first entry...I hope that you'll sit back and stay a while.


  1. this post was awesome! I sure can't tell you are shy, thanks for sharing your will help more people than you can imagine :-)))

  2. You are doing so well Adria, keep it up! Hopefully this will be a great outlet for you as you continue to move forward and navigate your life. More wonderful things are yet to come! If you're finding that you have a heart for children/youth, you should go for it!

  3. @Eesh: Thank you! ((HUGS))
    @Trace: Thank you! I hope this is a great outlet for me as well. I can't wait to see what my future has in store! xoxo

  4. I think it's awesome that u started this blog!! I think it will be a great outlet. I really enjoyed this first post. I can't wait to see what nuggets of wisdom will come! Love you!!

  5. @Jaz: awwww thank u so much for that! I appreciate ur support, always!Love u too!

  6. Dria awesome post and your story will help more ppl than u know, keep it up and i will def stay tuned for ya!