Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"

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I know, I know...this post is overdue. I haven't really had anything I wanted to blog about lately. The other day I was just reflecting and thinking about some things. I always hear people talking or see them writing about how their lives are this and their lives are that.....which brings me to this:

Everyday you wake up, you're negative. Every 30 minutes you have something negative to say. You whine and complain about any and everything. You are constantly talking about people, even those who you claim as your "friends" & then wonder why you can't find love or people who genuinely care about you. According to you, nothing in your life is going right. My question to you is this: If your life is so BAD why are you still here? Have you ever considered that maybe YOU are the common denominator as to why bad things are constantly happening to you? It really annoys me when people are never happy with anything. The mere fact that you're alive and able to walk freely is a blessing. You could be moving yourself around in a wheelchair, or on crutches, etc. I swear this world is filled with a bunch of negative ass people who are always crying and complaining. 90% of the stuff they complain about are not even THAT serious.

Do this: Try watching your 11 year old daughter die before your eyes from a brain disorder that she developed over time. On top of that, fight with yourself about deciding whether or not to put her on a morphine drip to keep her alive for just a little while longer or to take her off the machines so that she can die peacefully. The other night I met a young lady who had to experience this. She felt like she didn't have strength. I told her that her getting out of bed each day and continuing to take care of her other 10 year old daugther exudes strength to me. She cried and cried and agreed with me. I actually made her smile. Or better yet, try having cancer (of any kind) and the doctor telling you in less than a year you'll be dead. Now these things I just mentioned, those are reasons to be upset everyday. But even some people who are experiencing the "worst" in life, still manage to find a reason to be happy.Then you have us, the ones who are going through the regular things in life...don't feel like going to work or your kids won't be quiet. You don't feel like doing this, your child's mother or father is blowing you or boss is always asking you to do this and that. I am definately at fault for having a negative attitude in the past. My dad has always reminded me, "Don't sweat the small stuff". It's so true. The only things you should worry about are the things that you can control. To be honest, you shouldn't worry about those things either. Your needs will always be met as long as you're doing what you can and putting out positive energy. What you put out is always what you receive. "What goes around, always comes around". Get up, get out and do something..and stop sweating the small stuff!!

Have a great day ya'll and thanks for reading :)


  1. Great one!!! I know I complain about my boss sometimes...she can be nerve wrecking BUT I'm getting better lol i've also noticed the more you do for others the better and happier you feel so you naturally stop sweating the small stuff. when you see people in situation worse than yours, it's a humbling experience.

    Thanks for this one!

  2. Yep! I totally agree!! You're very welcome. Please feel free to share it!

  3. this is an excellent reminder! i'm working on having a more positive mindset while i'm at my job, and the negative thoughts are from things that really shouldn't bother me. so i will remember not to sweat the small stuff either :-)

  4. Thanks for reading imfeelingmoody! We all have those days where we are feeling some type of way..and that's totally normal. I'm glad u enjoyed this post and I thank u again for reading!!!