Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ok..I know you may be wondering..what does SSK mean? It stands for Single Strand Knots. My fellow curlies in the Natural Hair community know JUST what I am talking about. They are these annoying, tiny knots that form at the ends of our curls. I have really been in denial lately about my SSK's. I have been putting off cutting them. Today, I got fed up and started snipping! If I wasn't at work, I would have kept going. LOL. I'm going to finish the job tonight.

Ladies, trimming those knots is a MUST. The longer you put off trimming them, the worst they can get. If you wait too long, you will find yourself needing a "cut" instead of a "trim". I think I caught mine just in time.

How do you handle your SSK? Do you trim them right away? Do you carry hair shears in your purse (like me)? LOL. Share your thoughts!

xoxo, adria


  1. wait! you carry your shears in your purse!!!!???? Wow! lol! I love it! I also love your layout! Beautiful!

    1. *hangs head* yes I do! Lol! They go everywhere with me! Thank you!